Rise & Shine Review

The colourful and challenging run and gun from Adult Swim will keep you entertained for the weekend but it’s nothing to write home about – so far.

We’ve all done some pretty stupid things during our time. For instance, I decided to go out for work drinks on a Thursday – a stupid decision on my part because a gentle alcohol infused burp from a passer-by is enough to give me a hangover. So Friday I sat at a desk, writing car reviews and quietly sobbing as I prayed for sweet release in one form or another. Pretty stupid right? Well I also did something quite smart – I downloaded a copy of Adult Swim’s Rise & Shine, the eye-catching and giggle-making run-and-gun puzzler. Here’s what I made of the game.

Rise & Shine (7).png

It’s far too easy in these days of high-definition and sixty frames per second games to say that a game looks and feels nice – but Rise & Shine delivers both very well. Think Limbo but with vibrant colours and you’re on the right train of thought. The game design seems lifted straight from a beloved indie comic that only a handful of people are aware of and the fluid movement of player, environment and AI allows for you to jump into the rhythm of the game with ease – an aspect that is undoubtedly improved by the simple side-scrolling level choice.

The nature of the game pays homage to the run and gun classics that we grew up with in a frustratingly satisfying manner. Much like the titles of yesteryear like Gunstar Heroes, Rise & Shine will challenge you – you will die. Though much like similarly ‘challenging’ games the game forces you to adapt and learn the levels until you are a well-choreographed bad-ass who is capable of saving the world. The game mixes up the shooting with basic puzzle elements that aren’t really challenging and more about timing but nevertheless you feel a like completing a puzzle proves that you are getting better at the game.

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Fans of the titles released by Adult Swim will have some idea of what humour Rise & Shine has to offer. The dialogue is mostly very good, with the studio opting for speech-bubbles rather than voice acting (again feeding in to the comic-book feel) with jokes being well-timed and spaced out in a manner that demonstrates the efforts of the developers to make this a game that balances the humour in a way that keeps you laughing. Most of the jokes are based on the characters being self-aware of the video game tropes so if you enjoy that kind of humour – as I do – then you’re in for a treat!

The game is a nice surprise of colour and cool animation to brighten up an otherwise dreary January but don’t expect anything new here. At the heart of Rise & Shine is the simple gameplay mechanics that run throughout all run-and-gun games, though the title also suggests that Adult Swim are carving out a space within their budget for games development. Rise & Shine might be a simple game – but it could be the title that kicks future Adult Swim titles into gear.

What do you think? Have you played the game yet? Let me know in the comments and remember to follow me on Twitter @jreetun where I make poorly timed awkward tweets because I’m really bad at Twitter….



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