Requiem For Call of Duty

Much like how September signals the arrival of the year’s new sports games, November has become the tell-tale sign of a new Call of Duty title. This November, Infinity Ward are releasing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and I will not be buying, renting, or playing it in any form. I could attempt to reel off some rhetoric about the price of COD’s season pass, or their over-reliance on DLC – but the reasoning behind my decision is far more simple – the games just aren’t very good anymore.


Where’s my army game gone?

There seems to be two camps present in this year’s ‘Race to Warfare’ (I just coined this term and I think it’s brilliant): people who were young when COD4 first came out and are excited for the remastered version, and people who are young now and so are more excited for Infinite Warfare.

Think back to when you played the Modern Warfare series for the first time – they were great! There were a nice range of weapons, both online and local multiplayer was fun and had various games modes to murder each other to death on, and when you consider that you are playing a AAA shoot ‘em up – the stories that unfolded in the campaigns were pretty great. With great characters, a semi-believable storyline, and a sense of strong continuity between title that made you want to return to the series.


Then things just got strange with Advanced Warfare. Infinity Ward were so good at telling a compelling story during the Modern Warfare series – but they seemed to get everything wrong with AW. It was a strange cauldron of patriotism, revenge, sci-fi, and corporate dystopia. The inclusion of futuristic weaponry and mechanics was a risky one and (in my opinion) was misplaced for COD.

I haven’t seen too much of Infinite Warfare, but what I have seen has just been quite disappointing. Apparently the pretty-distant future isn’t good enough anymore and America(?) have taken to the stars for war now. The series has taken such a massive departure from its simple and honestly better origins that it seems like an entirely different entity now.  I saw a man transform into a robotic dog in some of the gameplay I watched – why? Why is that even a thing!? If I wanted weird transforming humans and overly quick player movement and to basically not really know what the hell was happening I would play Destiny or Overwatch. COD is trying to be everything and I’m pretty sure that having no solid identity in its gameplay will inevitably lose it its fanbase.


The introduction says that I’m not going to play a new COD game – and I’m not. I am however looking forward to the remastered release of Modern Warfare because that was an awesome game. It’s just a shame that Infinite Warfare has taken the franchise in such a skewed direction.

Also the name makes no sense… It’s a stupid name.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the release of Infinite Warfare? Let me know in the comments and why not follow me on Twitter @jreetun – I’m limited to 150 characters there so it’s much easier to like me.



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