Five Things You Should Know About The Mini-NES

The 11th of November will see Nintendo release the Mini-NES – a release that, if we’re being honest, should have happened five or six years ago – but hey it’s coming! The release will give many of us a legitimate reason to let the waters of yesteryear wash over us as we bask in the simplicity of our childhood games. Below are five things that you should – and already might – know about re-release of the console.


The Games

We’re going to start off with a bitter-sweet note; as the Mini-NES will come with 30 ready to play games pre-installed in it – so no waiting hours for a bloody update to finish! Nintendo have suggested that they have chosen the titles that they feel best represent the memories of the original NES; with titles including Super Mario Bros 3, Excitebike, Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda, you can see the full list of games here.

The downside to this impressive list of games is that Nintendo does not plan to add to the collection in any form – neither can you just pop in an original cartridge you might have lying around because it won’t fit… because it’s a mini version of the NES. This may come as a bit of a disappointment but the 30 games you can choose from should be enough to justify the choice from Nintendo.


The Controller

As with any console purchase, you will receive one controller with the Mini-NES. However if you have bought the console to enjoy with your friends and family – not to lock yourself in your room with the curtains drawn – but you are seriously lacking funds then fear not! Nintendo have confirmed that the console also works with both a Wii Classic Controller and a Wii Classic Controller Pro. If you do want to use the original styled controllers though, Nintendo are selling them separately for £7.99 (or about $10).

mini-NES controller options.jpg

Different Package Deals

The system itself ranges in price, though this has nothing to do with the hardware or games. You can get an extra little gift when you buy the system, and from the details on the Nintendo website, these are not pre-order sets, so you don’t have to rush out and order it in advance. The cheapest price (£49.99 or $65) will get you the Mini-NES with a spiffy NES controller keychain or the system with a soft toy of an 8-bit Mario. Next is the more expensive – but totally worth it – £59.99 ($78) deal which gets you the Mini-NES along with a NES controller pattern messenger bag. The gifts are all nice little extras though the Nintendo website have stated that these purchases will arrive after the release date but before Christmas – so you’re probably looking at a mid-December arrival. HAve a look for yourself here.

Where it will lead

The release of the Mini-NES could be seen as Nintendo testing the waters for public appeal and, if sales are good, it could lead to the release of a Mini-SNES and even a Mini-N64. If this is the case then hopefully you could expect to be playing Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger within the next few years. Either way, it seems like the next natural step for Nintendo as they attempt to cull the use of free emulated games- again this is something that they really did have the capability of doing five or six years ago. Though you shouldn’t expect to see 007: Goldeneye on a Mini-N64 – sorry.

The Plug Situation

This is a bit of a weird one simply because of the phrasing on the Nintendo website. The product information has confirmed that the console will come with a USB adaptor but will not come with the AC plug. I imagine that the plug needed would be similar to the ones we use for Apple products and other devices, so if you haven’t got a USB plug yet – make sure you get one before the console arrives!


What do you think? Are you excited for the release of the Mini-NES? What games are you looking forward to playing? Are there any games you would’ve preferred to see on the console? Tell us in the comments and why not follow me on Twitter @jreetun – I swear I’m not that bad on it!

Sources: Nintendo


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